ARGO-ANLEG represents GERMANY in the EU project SEANERGY

25. Nov 2022

ARGO-ANLEG represents GERMANY in the EU project SEANERGY which started recently.

The SEANERGY project aims to go towards zero-emission ports, becoming clean energy hubs for integrated electricity systems, hydrogen, and other low-carbon fuels, as much as testbeds for waste reuse and the circular economy through the creation of the SEANERGY Master Plan.

Concluding our first SEANERGY Project workshop in collaboration with ENGIMMONIA Project hosted by World Maritime University on EU #ports and #alternativefuels, many challenges lie ahead:

  • No clear single transitional and/or long-term standard yet (LNG, ammonia, methanol, hydrogen etc.)

  • Need for sufficient capacity of renewable energy for green fuel production
  • Massive long-term investment needs
  • Ensuring long-term physical port space, capacities and planning horizons for green fuels and fuel infrastructure

  • Grid capacity and competing prioritization for shore power and electrification
  • Regulations need to be technology-neutral and promote the desired outcome of emissions reduction rather than specific technologies.
  • All actors, shipping lines/ship owners, regulators, cities, ports etc., need to be on board…

There is still a long way to go with many unknowns in terms of technology, regulations, and policy, but we feel proud to be leading research, and committing to partnerships that will open the door to stakeholder engagement!

Thank you to all our consortium partners for their support: 
Magellan Circle
World Maritime UniversityIHE Delft Institute for Water EducationRINAFundación ValenciaportEnnshafen OÖ GmbHThe Diktyo, SL Δίκτυο ΔΑΦΝΗ / DAFNI NetworkFuture Proof ShippingEco ImaginationATPERSONZER0-E EngineeringArgo-Anleg GmbH

SEANERGY website:

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