Video: Jan Andreas as a guest on Hyfindr Tech Talk

30. Jun 2023

In the current Hyfindr Tech Talk, Jan Andreas, Managing Director of Argo-Anleg GmbH, informs about hydrogen tank systems. Hyfindr is the digital B2B platform for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

Learn more about hydrogen tank systems, their components and applications in this Hyfindr Tech Talk. Steven Oji, Managing Director of Hyfindr GmbH, interviews Jan Andreas about hydrogen storage and tank systems. They discuss components such as the on-tank valve (OTV) and the thermal pressure relief device (TPRD). Jan Andreas explains that tank systems consist of tanks, valves and a gas treatment unit that regulate the pressure and deliver hydrogen to the fuel cell. They also discuss various applications of tank systems in vehicles, buses and ships.

Jan Andreas informs about challenges in the refuelling process and the need to avoid overheating during the process. Overall, they explore the technical aspects and configurations of different tank system technologies (compressed versus cryo (liquid) versus cryo-compressed (a mixture of both) for different purposes.


Video update on the EU project synergetics

Video update on the EU project synergetics

Argo-Anleg has been a partner company in the high-profile EU SYNERGETICS project since the beginning of 2023. The aim of the project is to decarbonise coastal and inland shipping.What is SYNERGETICS? SYNERGETICS is an innovation action funded by the EU's Horizon...

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