Argo-Anleg invited to ELN Conference

7. Jun 2023

The 3rd European Lightweighting Network conference is coming up and will take place in Stockholm on 8-9 June. The event brings together experts, professionals and companies from the lightweighting and energy sectors to discuss the latest developments, technologies and trends. The main theme of the conference this year is the energy sector and the possibilities for weight reduction, especially with regard to the use of lightweight materials and technologies.

The network is an initiative of public authorities from Germany, Austria and Sweden. The network’s activities focus on the use of lightweight technologies to support the European Union’s Green Deal goals. The selected participants were invited to the conference to intensify networking within the EU and to drive development processes.

Sales Manager Dirk Fischer represents Argo-Anleg GmbH from Wesel, at the ELN Conference in Stockholm. He will participate in the “Energy Sector” panel to contribute Argo Anleg GmbH’s expertise in hydrogen technology and take part in the technical discussions.

The aim of the conference is to promote knowledge exchange, share best practices and create synergies between companies and research institutions in the field of lightweight construction and energy efficiency. The conference will feature a series of presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops and networking opportunities. The focus will be on topics such as innovative lightweight materials, efficient production processes, alternative energy systems and sustainable mobility.

For Argo-Anleg GmbH as a company in the field of hydrogen technology, participation in this conference is interesting for several reasons: As a pioneer and expert in the hydrogen sector, the company can benefit from the conference by discussing its innovative technology and solutions with experts from other fields and meeting potential cooperation partners and customers.

The conference offers Argo Anleg GmbH and Dirk Fischer the opportunity to expand their knowledge and insights from the energy sector, to learn about the latest developments in the lightweight construction and energy sector and to make important contacts. By participating in the “Energy Sector” panel, Dirk Fischer will also be able to take part in relevant discussions and contribute his experience and perspectives on hydrogen technology and weight reduction.

In addition, the conference enables exchange with other companies and research institutions active in the field of lightweight construction and energy efficiency. This can lead to new partnerships, joint research projects and innovative solutions.

Overall, the participation of Dirk Fischer and Argo-Anleg GmbH in the 3rd conference of the European Lightweighting Network is an opportunity to strengthen the company’s profile in the industry, to develop new business opportunities and to further expand their position as a leading company in the field of hydrogen technology.

More information about the event at: ELN Conference.

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